Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring in Newark and Beyond

Ideal for Tough Warehousing Environments

At Pro Epoxy Systems, that most warehousing floors endure heavy foot and machinery traffic. In addition, warehousing environments are exposed to chemicals and dust. Fortunately, our seamless epoxy flooring solutions are ideal to stand up to these tough workplaces. Our products can also improve material handling by minimizing elevations between expansion joints and deliver better resistance to erosion and collection of debris.

We also offer highly affordable concrete sealing options to enhance your warehousing, shipping, and distribution spaces. We offer a complete line of epoxy products, so even if your warehouse or shipping facility has special flooring needs, the experts at Pro Epoxy Systems can accommodate your specifications.

Product Benefits:

  • Resistant to dust and debris

  • Preserves concrete slabs and joints

  • Ideal for floor marking

  • Smooth irregular surfaces

  • Minimize forklift damage to flooring

  • Increase lighting and reflectivity

Ideal Flooring For:

  • Loading & Receiving Docks

  • Assembly Areas

  • Chemical Storage Areas

  • Containment & Controlled Substance Areas

  • Staff Breakrooms

  • Logistics Centers

  • Delivery Warehouses